Documentary Film by Rubén Monsuy and Gabriel Amdur


Salvador is a rising star in the national boxing team of Equatorial Guinea. He embodies the chance for the African team to finally take part in the Olympics but has to struggle with a life of poverty with his girlfriend Luna and his own lack of discipline.

Göteborg International Film Festival

Technical Details

Documentary film produced by:
Talatala Filmmakers (Spain) & Acige (Equatorial Guinea)
Directed by Rubén Monsuy and Gabriel Amdur
Associated Producer: Aleksandra Leszcznska
Music: Lil Champ, Desmali
Editing: Núria Esquerra   Length: 90´
With the support of:
Göteborg International Film Festival, Hotdocs Blue Ice Group Fund and Riviera Maya Film Festival.

Gabriel Amdur - Rubén Monsuy

Gabriel Amdur and Rubén Monsuy shooting in Malabo, EG.